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What Happened Last Night on Yellowstone? Here’s Our Recap of Season 4 Episode 7.

What Happened Last Night on <em>Yellowstone</em>? Here's Our Recap of Season 4 Episode 7. thumbnail

After two slow middle episodes of Yellowstone season 4, episode 7 raised the stakes—and even set up plot lines for future seasons. No guns were fired. No knives were thrust into shoulders. And yet the game is back on. Market Equities looks to escalate development, as Beth reaches out to an unlikely ally in order to thwart. A political position opens up. John makes a move to block Jamie, which may drive him closer to Garrett Randall, which may drive Garrett Randall closer to taking another shot at John. The pieces are now all in play.

With only three episodes left in the season, it appears as if the series has delayed the showdowns we were anticipating this season: Garrett Randall facing off against John (possibly with Jamie now by his side) and Beth squaring off with Market Equities and Caroline Warner; these events will likely have to wait another season—or all come to a dramatic and much-rushed season finale.

That’s because episode 7 did two things. One, it revealed that Garrett’s plan is a long game, convincing Jamie to make a run at the governor’s seat, while staying beside Christina and fathering their child. His intention with Jamie isn’t just land pressure on John, but political power over the Duttons. (And, also, some weird fatherhood training.)

Episode 7 also set up a longer war between Beth and Market Equities—who have inexplicably allowed her into their most private strategy meetings. In order for Beth to stave off the threat of land expansion, she’ll have to form allies with Summer Higgins (on the activist front) and also Angele Blue Thunder (using tribal political power).

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All these moves aren’t likely to happen in the next few episodes, since the governor’s race will take months and so too, we assume, any land development strategies. Unless Yellowstone jumps forward in time, the remainder of season 4 will probably be a setup for larger showdowns in season 5.

Here’s what else happened in episode 7.

Jimmy, the Bachelor

yellowstone season 4 episode 7

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Jimmy continues cowboy work in Texas, helping a trainer collect horse semen and, in turn, picking up a dinner date. Mia, likely on her way to Texas, will find a clean-shaved Jimmy trying his luck with another girl. That spells drama for the Yellowstone spinoff series, 6666.

Kayce, the Bachelor?

yellowstone season 4 episode 7

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Back in Montana, the other melodrama: Kayce and Monica are still uneasy after Monica’s discovery that Avery exists. Kayce and Mo track down Avery’s stolen horses, returning them by the end of the episode. Avery tells Kayce she loves him. Kayce tells Avery he’s married. Somewhere offscreen, Monica is looking at the horizon melancholically.

Governor Perry Vacates Her Seat

yellowstone season 4 episode 7

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Governor Perry stops by to tell John that she is running for Montana senate and so leaving her seat open for a Dutton—either Jamie or John. John, despite showing some degree of trust in Jamie for his inquiry into Riggins, declares that Jamie’s ascent would be calamitous for the Duttons and Montana. John says he will take the governor’s endorsement instead and vie for the seat.

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Beth later supports the decision—though, John needs convincing—explaining how it’s John’s only way of saving the ranch: he’ll need to block land development and find a way to kick out Market Equities.

Jamie, however, after a chat with Garrett Randall, believes the governor seat should be his. He’s even prepared to receive Perry’s endorsement, before seeing John and Beth at the state house. In an unrealistically dramatic move, as Jamie steps forward to receive the endorsement, Perry announces John’s name instead. Jamie—having learned that Garrett tried to kill John—now appears to commit to Team Garrett; he’ll hide Garrett’s secret from John and likely run against him. The race is on.

Beth Makes an Obvious Discovery

yellowstone season 4 episode 2 recap


Beth, after hazing her California assistant (wow, Yellowstone dislikes Californians), attends a Market Equities meeting. For the first time, she learns the extent of Market Equities’ development plans. Earlier, Beth had assumed the airfield (which would be built to service a ski slope and casino) would be the end of the push. Turns out, Market Equities wants to build a Park-City-like residence in the valley, taking over land just outside the Yellowstone. She’s somehow shocked by this and has to drive around town to have a think.

On her way out, she sees Summer protesting fur. After hazing Summer and pointing out her protest’s inefficacy, Beth decides she could use an ally. She explains the Market Equities plan in terms of wildlife conservation (the development will kill animals and destroy ecosystems; this is essentially Rainwater’s legal argument against the development, already filed), Beth proposes Summer put her efforts into stopping the construction. Summer seems convinced.

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The Bunkhouse Show

yellowstone season 4 episode 7

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Finally, we get some peace offerings in the bunkhouse. Lloyd buys Walker a new guitar. John, realizing that everyone wears the brand, agrees to let Teeter and Laramie stay. Carter repairs his relationship with Beth. John asks Beth if Carter and Rip can move into the main cabin. Beth asks John to ask Rip. John asks Rip, but awkwardly, almost ordering him to move in. Rip looks conflicted.

The drama continues.

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