Where does Sean Payton rank on coaching scale of Vince Lombardi to Nathaniel Hackett?

It’s infuriating the Broncos don’t know how to win, but what’s far worse is how a once-proud NFL franchise doesn’t even know how to act in defeat.

While bad football happens, a team with bad football character starts at the top, and coach Sean Payton is responsible for losers in the Denver locker room that duck and run when the going gets tough.

After a wretched 31-21 loss to the New York Jets, during which the Broncos forgot how to tackle and could not hold onto the football, much less the lead, Payton stood in account for only 4 minutes and 42 seconds during his postgame news conference before spinning on his heels and bolting from the podium.

“Thank you, guys,” Payton told media members, before ducking for cover, much the way a bully does when challenged.

Sorry, Mr. Payton. But that doesn’t cut it in Broncos Country, where losses can’t be brushed off by a coach who came to Denver and immediately put everybody involved with the franchise on blast.

Like everything that stinks, bad character rolls downhill.

Captain Courtland Sutton, almost entirely ignored in the passing game of an offense that went backwards for much of a disastrous second half, said he would talk when finished dressing, then slipped out of the locker room without a peep.

And captain Kareem Jackson, whose futile wave at Breece Hall was as close as any Denver defender came to touching the Jets running back on a 72-yard touchdown run that put New York ahead to stay in the third quarter, had to be prodded by a member of the Broncos public relations staff before reluctantly taking account for a unit that surrendered an average of 219 yards rushing over the course of the past four games.

“We played a good first half and played like (crap) the second half,” said Jackson, singing the sad chorus of a Denver team that has blown halftime leads in all three of its home losses to the Raiders, Commanders and Jets.

Habitual collapse against weak NFL opposition is the definition of bad coaching.

The CU Buffs have Coach Prime. Are the Broncos stuck with Coach Past His Prime?

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