White House belittles Biden impeachment hearing

The White House on Friday ripped the House Republicans’ impeachment hearing against President Biden, calling it a “clown show.”

In a statement sent out by White House spokeswoman Sharon Yang titled “Womp Womp,” she called the hearing Thursday a “sad spectacle” and a “stunt.”

“House Republicans tried to plow ahead with their debunked conspiracy theories — even when confronted by their own witnesses conceding there isn’t evidence to warrant impeachment — and, in the process, revealed just how divorced from reality this partisan stunt is,” she wrote.

The email linked several news sites and statements that purportedly fact-checked the hearing run by House Oversight Chairman Jamie Comer.

“Don’t just take it from us — Comer’s hearing got widely panned by everyone from Fox News anchors to fact-checkers to Republican lawmakers and more,” she continued.

Most of the coverage she cited was negative, with remarks saying the hearing was a “distraction” or a “clown show” and had false claims.

Fox News host Neil Cavuto said on his show that he didn’t “know what was achieved over these last six-plus hours,” adding that none of the witnesses presented “any proof of impeachment.”

Yang concluded her email: “Perhaps Comer should spend less time on Fox and Newsmax falsely asserting that the ‘evidence is overwhelming’ that the ‘president is compromised’ and ‘should be treated like a criminal’ and more time focusing on issues that actually matter to the American people.”

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