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Why You Keep Seeing the Same Products Under Viral Tweets

Why You Keep Seeing the Same Products Under Viral Tweets

These days, you don’t need to be a celebrity to go viral on Twitter. The accessibility of social media, combined with their algorithms, means that any creative or amusing content can reach thousands of people.

Some business-savvy users have found a way to monetize their 15 minutes of Twitter fame. So, if you’ve wondered why you keep seeing ads under viral tweets, here’s the reason they do it.

What Products Are Being Sold Under Viral Tweets?

If you’re a frequent Twitter user, you will no doubt have come across tweets cracking over 20,000 retweets and 100,000 likes on your timeline. Tapping on such posts will often lead you to a string of threads and replies promoting items like this:

If you go through viral tweets frequently enough, you will notice that creators advertise the same products over and over, accompanied by the same images and videos. Products promoted include galaxy lights, green tea peel-off masks, and cute seal pillows.

Who Are the Sellers Behind These Products?

Clicking on any of the links in those tweets will take you to a website selling the items mentioned above.

Screen capture of Ocean Galaxy Lights website

But who owns these companies, and where are these products manufactured? Unfortunately, the answers to both of these questions are unclear. A browse through the Ocean Galaxy Lights website reveals nothing about its background or location.

The same goes for Cool Things Cafe, the business selling green tea peel-off masks and seal pillows.

But for Ocean Galaxy Lights, the operating times for their customer support line could suggest that it is based in the US.

As for where the products are made, this is not obvious. A quick search on major e-commerce sites would return results with similar products made in the US, China, and Hong Kong.

How Much Do People Earn From These Tweets?

Twitter app open on smartphone

The business model of these companies is very much similar to the “influencer strategy” prevalent on social media.

Employees of these companies will search for these viral tweets. They also look for posts that have the potential to go viral. Once they’ve decided on which tweets fit their bill, they get in touch with the users.

Companies then offer a sum of money to these users in exchange for them sending out a tweet promoting their product. According to users who have been offered this deal, the money paid ranges from $20-$60 per tweet.

Certain factors will affect the commission offered to the user. These include overall follower counts and engagement metrics.

Though the commission paid seems like a small sum, this can add up over time if a user regularly posts viral content.

But how much do the companies earn in comparison? For each promotional tweet, companies typically receive an average of four to five orders on their website.

If one tweet lands five orders, then think about how many the company will get if they’re reaching out to multiple users. The businesses also promote their products on other social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.

It is no surprise, then, that these websites can rake in thousands of dollars in revenue each month. Compared to the several hundreds dollars that they’re paying in commission to these Twitter users, this business practice is cost-effective.

Viral Advertising on Twitter

Overall, these companies’ business models very much seems like a symbiotic relationship. The Twitter creator receives some pocket money, while the e-commerce site gets maximum exposure.

Is the deal between two parties a fair one? Well, that’s debatable.

If you think promoting these products would interest you, it’s time to put on your creative hat. Once you’ve crafted a funny or relatable tweet, who knows? Perhaps these companies will reach out to you next.


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