Will NHL 23 be available for the Nintendo Switch?

Will NHL 23 be available for the Nintendo Switch? thumbnail

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The absence of EA Sports NHL games on PC has been apparent for years, but so has a lack of simulation hockey games on Nintendo consoles, particularly the Nintendo Switch. A NHL-licensed sim game has not been available on the Switch since the console’s launch in 2017, and EA has not released a NHL game on a Nintendo platform since 2005 with the release of NHL 06. So, will the drought end for NHL 23. We have an answer for that question.

Is NHL 23 available on Nintendo Switch?

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As mentioned previously, a simulation NHL-licensed game has been eluding the Nintendo family of consoles for years. The last time a NHL game was on a Nintendo console was all the back in 2010, with the release of NHL 2K11. Since then, Nintendo owners have missed out on EA Sports NHL games that have been available on Xbox and PlayStation games.

This appears to be the case, and the signs were apparent pretty early in the game’s promotion. In late July 2022, EA Sports allowed NHL fans to register and participate in a closed beta of NHL 23. While the options included the ability to test out NHL 23 for both old and current-generation Xbox and PlayStation platforms, the Nintendo Switch was not one of the options.

In late August, EA Sports began to release early information on NHL 23, include the release date and available platforms. EA confirmed that NHL 23 will go live for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. The same, however, can’t be said for the Nintendo Switch. So at least for now, it does appear that those who want to play NHL on the Nintendo Switch won’t be able to do so in 2022.

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