‘Worms’ Meets Battle Royale in ‘Rocket Bot Royale’ from Ex-Noodlecake Veterans Winterpixel Games, Launching this Thursday

‘Worms’ Meets Battle Royale in ‘Rocket Bot Royale’ from Ex-Noodlecake Veterans Winterpixel Games, Launching this Thursday thumbnail

A couple of years ago two of the co-founders of Noodlecake Games struck out on their own and formed a new studio called Winterpixel Games. Their goal was to make competitive multiplayer games that were scalable and playable across a variety of platforms including mobile, PC, and even the web. Their very first effort in that direction is a game called Rocket Bot Royale, and it’s a bit like if the classic artillery game Worms had a baby with the gravity platformer Soosiz (or, perhaps more familiar to you, the Mario Galaxy games) and that baby was dressed up in battle royale clothing. Does that sound overly-complicated? Don’t worry, it’s totally not, and you can get a good idea of what Rocket Bot Royale is all about in the following trailer.

Rocket Bot Royale has been in open beta since last October when it was known as Tank Kings, and technically is still in open beta, but the folks at Winterpixel have revealed its official release date for all platforms and it’s all set for this Thursday, April 21st on iOS, Android, and Steam. However, if you want to take it for an early test drive because you just can’t wait two more days, then you can still play the open beta version on the web right here. I suck at playing games with a keyboard but fiddled around with the web version and found it to be very entertaining. I can totally see how this will be a perfect fit for touchscreen devices. If you fancy blasting some fools online while trying to escape a sinking island look for Rocket Bot Royale to launch later this week.

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