Yoodo is set to offer 5G services

Yoodo is set to offer 5G services thumbnail

It’s been a while Celcom has started offered its 5G services after signing the RAO from Digital Nasional Berhad, while mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) under the telco has yet to offer 5G services and plans, the wait could end soon as Yoodo has teased on Twitter that 5G is on the way.

Yoodo is a mobile virtual network operator operated by Celcom, as many of you readers are probably a subscriber, it offers the best value high speed data plan among its competitors with 20GB of high-speed all-purpose data for RM20/month, though it is unsure if the MVNO could maintain the same monthly price when it starts offering 5G services.

Other MVNOs under the Celcom network includes TuneTalk, RedONE and XOX, while these services have teased 5G-ready services for some time already, neither have started offering 5G connectivity as of now which we can safely assume that commercial discussions are still going on with Celcom, as the latter rides on DNB’s 5G SWN which it will most likely increase the service cost.


YES First to 5G

As of now, the most affordable 5G service continues to be the YES FT5G Prepaid plan, which you get uncapped 4G/5G data speeds with 9GB of hotspot sharing for just RM30/month, we’ll see how Yoodo can beat YES’ offering by then.


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