You Can Get Free Chipotle During the World Cup—Here’s How

You Can Get Free Chipotle During the World Cup—Here’s How thumbnail

Bowls for goals! Or at least that’s how Chipotle is celebrating the World Cup. As an official partner of U.S. Soccer, Chipotle Mexican Grill recently announced that for every goal the U.S. Men’s National Team scores in the World Cup, a new free entree will drop for customers to enjoy. What a score—for us all!

How Do I Get Free Chipotle?

Here’s how it works: Every time the U.S. Men’s National Team (USMNT) scores a goal, Chipotle will drop a free entree code for customers to use via Chipotle’s Twitter account as well as the official USMNT account.

In order to activate the code, fans must text the unique code to 888222 to receive a second code that can be used for that free entree.

But hurry—the numbers are limited! For every score, the first 5,000 fans to text in the unique code will get a free entree code. The chain will also be offering up to $1 million in free Chipotle before closing all free deals. These codes are available to customers throughout all 50 states, as well as the District of Columbia, and Chipotle lovers must be 13 or older to participate.

What Else Is Chipotle Doing During the World Cup?

Too slow to get a code from Chipotle? Don’t worry, the popular fast food chain is still offering specialty bowls for all customers to enjoy during the world cup—specifically geared towards some of our favorite USMNT players.

This fall, Chipotle customers can experience the go-to training meals for Christian Pulisic and Weston McKennie. Their go-to Chipotle bowls include:

  • Christian Pulisic Bowl: Chicken, White Rice, Pinto Beans, Sour Cream, Cheese, Lettuce and Guac
  • Weston McKennie Bowl: Double Chicken, White Rice, Extra Tomatillo-Red Salsa, Extra Sour Cream, Cheese, Lettuce and Guac

Customers can easily order both bowls via the Chipotle app as well as on Chipotle’s website for a limited time only.

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Plus, because Chipotle is such a big fan of soccer, they are even offering free delivery on USMNT match days! So if you plan on flipping on the television to cheer on the home team on Nov. 25 and 29, Chipotle will provide you with a delicious meal and completely waive the delivery fee on orders with a $10 minimum.

If you missed this sweet World Cup deal altogether, don’t worry—these Chipotle copycat recipes should satisfy that burrito bowl craving of yours!

Make Your Own Chipotle Copycat Recipes at Home

Copycat Chipotle Chicken 062020 Toh 07LAUREN HABERMEHL FOR TASTE HOME

Chipotle Chicken Copycat

Chipotle chicken is tender, juicy and perfectly seasoned to complement all the burrito fixings in those gigantic flour tortillas. Making this copycat Chipotle chicken recipe at home couldn’t be easier; the key is marinating your chicken overnight in a spicy, smoky blend of herbs, spices and aromatics.

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Chipotle Queso Blanco Copycat

Ooey-gooey cheesy queso is great in bowls, burritos—even straight out of the cup! This copycat recipe tastes just like Chipotle’s queso blanco, but if you want your queso to look more similar, use shredded white cheddar instead of yellow.

Chipotle Guacamole Copycat

Chipotle’s guacamole is legendary—and for good reason. The secret? Its freshness! Though many dips tend to improve the longer they sit, guacamole tastes best shortly after it’s made, so the flavor of fresh avocado shines through the rest of the ingredients. Eating it right away also keeps guacamole from browning.

Chipotle Barbacoa Copycat

Chipotle’s barbacoa is a more exciting version of classic pot roast, with bigger, bolder flavors that are as enjoyable on their own as they are wrapped in a burrito. In this recipe, boneless beef chuck roast is put in the slow cooker with an easy blender sauce of smoky chipotles, fresh lime juice, herbs and spices.

Zesty Salsa Verde Exps174827 Fm143298d03 07 6bc Rms 2

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Chipotle Tomatillo-Green Chili Salsa Copycat

Tomatillos may look like green tomatoes, but they’re not the same thing. Instead, tomatillos are small, round and firm with a dense interior. When raw, tomatillos have a bright, extremely tart flavor that’s somewhat reminiscent of limes. When roasted, tomatillos lose that acidic edge and become a little sweeter. They’re the perfect addition to salsa.

Cilantro Lime Rice Exps Thfm17 102998 B09 21 3b 2

Chipotle Rice Copycat

Have you ever dreamed of going to Chipotle and eating nothing but a big, heaping bowl of fluffy cilantro-lime rice? Well, you can make that dream come true in your very own home with this simple five-ingredient recipe.

Chipotle Corn Salsa Copycat 061522 Toh 05 Lauren Habermehl JveditLAUREN HABERMEHL FOR TASTE OF HOME

Chipotle Roasted Chili-Corn Salsa Copycat

If possible, try to find fresh or frozen sweet white corn for the most authentic Chipotle corn salsa. It’s what the restaurant uses in its recipe. However, if all you can find is yellow corn, this salsa will still be spectacularly delicious.

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Mild Fresh Salsa Exps5709 Sa2257787b01 04 6b Rms 4

Chipotle Fresh Tomato Salsa Copycat

You only need five ingredients (plus salt and pepper) to make this vibrant salsa, which livens up just about everything it’s paired with. Although this fresh tomato salsa is delicious the day it’s made, it gets even better the longer it sits—double the recipe so you can snack on salsa and veggies or chips all week.

Roasted Tomato Salsa Exps Jmz18 123609 B03 01 2b 2

Chipotle Tomatillo-Red Chili Salsa Copycat

This recipe isn’t an exact replica of Chipotle’s fiery red salsa, but it’s a great “close enough” option if you don’t have access to fresh tomatillos. If you like your salsa extra spicy, don’t hold back when adding the hot sauce!

Slow Cooker Carnitas Exps Sdam17 191361 D12 02 7b 11

Chipotle Carnitas Copycat

Carnitas is arguably one of the most popular meats at Chipotle. Though there’s no shortage of winning options on the menu, it was the irresistible slow-roasted spiced pork that put Chipotle on the map when it opened its first location in Denver, Colorado, in 1993.

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Steak Fajitas Exps Hcka19 12539 D08 24 5b 2 82

Chipotle Steak Tacos Copycat

Fire up the grill to make these Chipotle-inspired flank steak tacos, topped with a simple fresh salsa made explosive with fresh lime juice. For even more delicious acidity, serve these tacos with pickled red onions.

Exps148581 Sd153208b08 08 3b 5

Chipotle Chicken Tacos Copycat with Avocado Salsa

As good as these chicken tacos are, the real star of this copycat recipe is the easy-to-make avocado salsa, which you’ll want to eat straight out of the bowl. Let your guests choose between crispy corn tortillas or soft flour tortillas, just like you would at Chipotle.

Exps34760 Ff163882c01 12 1b 2

Chipotle Cheese Quesadillas Copycat

If you don’t want to worry about ordering a quesadilla ahead of time for pickup at Chipotle, you can make quesadillas at home instead. This is a basic, easy quesadilla recipe everyone should know how to make, and once you do, you can start experimenting with all sorts of additional fillings.

Exps43084 Sd153208b08 08 4b 5

Chipotle Veggie Burrito Copycat

Perfect for meatless Mondays, no one will miss the meat when you dish up these satisfying burritos bursting with a fresh filling. Double the recipe, and you can eat the leftovers for Taco Tuesday! Include guacamole for an even closer copycat recipe.

Exps36395 Cw163683d03 31 6b 3

Chipotle Steak Salad Copycat

This vibrant flank steak salad is easy and quick to prepare, tastes delicious and is a healthy dinner all on one plate. For a non-Chipotle-inspired take, toss this salad with blue cheese dressing instead of the recommended vinaigrette, or maybe a drizzle of homemade steak sauce.

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