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(WSVN) – One Israeli journalist has been reporting about the war around the clock And he has seen many of its horrors up close.

7’s Karen Hensel is in the newsplex to continue our coverage.

He is an Israeli reporter sharing his own raw emotional moments, taking us behind the headlines of the heartbreak unfolding

In normal times, reporter Paz Robinzon covers just about everything for Tel Aviv-based Channel 13.

Paz Robinzon/Israeli TV news reporter: “From politics to fun to entertainment.”

But these are not normal times in Israel.

Paz Robinzon: “The only thing that I’m doing is the war for the last 11 days.”

Paz, who has been a TV news reporter for about 10 years, was born in Israel and has family here in South Florida.

Paz Robinzon: “Our friends in Florida, we are in the 11th day of the war.”

He spoke with us about how the war has impacted his life; both professionally and personally.

Paz Robinzon: “My grandfather and grandmother from both sides were in the Holocaust, and all my youth, I was hearing the stories and now, for the first time, I can see those stories here live in Israel in 2023.”

He reported outside a hospital at capacity with injured Israelis and took cover as air raid sirens blared in the city of Ashkelon near the Gaza Strip.

He interviewed these two children, asking them if they had a message for Israeli soldiers.

The girl’s reply: “Please don’t die and be strong.”

Paz himself was unable to hold back the tears while interviewing a 17-year-old whose home was burned down. He says her 85 year old grandmother was taken hostage by Hamas terrorists and is still missing.

Paz Robinzon: “That’s the time that I was crying for the first time in my life on live TV because she was so strong.”

Paz Robinzon: “You can smell the death.”

So many horrific stories began here at the site of the Nova Music Festival, where a reported 260 people were killed.

Paz Robinzon: “One of their attackers came to the toilets with his gun and started to shoot. One after one, after one, after one.”

Paz Robinzon: “What was supposed to be a huge festival with music and happy people, it became to be a death, a death scene.”

Paz lost two friends at the festival.

Paz Robinzon: “Both of them like music, both of them like to be free spirits.”

We asked Paz how he handles being both an Israeli and a journalist covering the war.

Paz Robinzon: “I don’t want to separate the things. I want to be an Israeli and I want to be a journalist, and I want to be Jewish, and I want to say in the things that I have on my heart and inside my head. We are doing our job and telling the stories.”

Paz told us he believes journalists who are covering the war will eventually need mental health services because of what they are witnessing.

In his words, “every day we see death.”

Karen Hensel, 7News.

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