Zhang Ruoyun Draws Laughter as a Policeman in “Ordinary Greatness”

Zhang Ruoyun Draws Laughter as a Policeman in “Ordinary Greatness” thumbnail

Largely known for his historical dramas, 33-year-old Zhang Ruoyun (張若昀) made a refreshing change to lead police comedy Ordinary Greatness <警察榮譽>. Since its premiere on May 28, the CCTV series is rising in popularity as it sweeps ratings over 1 percent.

Ordinary Greatness tells a story revolving around four rookie police officers: Li Dawei, (Zhang Ruoyun) a troublemaker who gets sent into police academy by his parents; Xia Jie (Bai Lu 白鹿), a sensitive and righteous woman who aspired to become a useful police officer like her father; Yang Shu (Xu Kaicheng 徐开骋), a proud and uptight law graduate; and Zhao Jiwei (Cao Lu 曹璐), a straightforward countryside worker.

Playing a defiant and self-righteous police officer, Zhang Ruoyun intentionally lost weight and cropped his hair into a mushroom cut to look like a 22-year-old officer. As viewers often see the skillful actor play intelligent and masterly roles, it is an entertaining contrast to see his blundering character make mistakes.

While Ruoyun’s acting skills are well-acknowledged, netizens including the screenwriter Zhao Dongling (​​趙冬苓) was once concerned if he could pull off the role. In an interview, Dongling said, “When casting Ruoyun, I was honestly worried he wouldn’t be able to play the character well, because his image has always been very serious. I created Li Dawei as a very mischievous, slightly dramatic, yet also a sincere and passionate person. These are all traits I really like, so it was a real surprise to see Ruoyun actually able to embody the character and portray him the way I imagined.”

“Ordinary Greatness” Trailer

Source: Up Media

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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