Zheng Shuang Denies Child Abuse Claims

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(Above) Finger almost severed: Zhang Heng alleged that their children’s wounds were sustained while under Zheng Shuang’s care.

Denying child abuse allegations by producer ex-boyfriend Zhang Heng (张恒), blacklisted Chinese actress Zheng Shuang (郑爽) has responded!

Responds Via Lawyer

Amid the two’s ongoing custody fight, Zhang Heng held a press conference on January 6 in Los Angeles where he made public chat records, videos and images as evidence of Zheng Shuang’s alleged child abuse, including one showing a 6cm cut on their daughter’s finger.

The disgraced actress responded through a letter issued by her lawyer on January 7, in which she alleged that Zhang Heng had made slanderous claims after losing the custody battle. In it, she said the only investigation ever conducted by the authorities had been on January 4th a year ago, where a 5-minute visit to their home by the police found that their children were happy and healthy, and therefore the matter did not necessitate further investigations. It added that the courts forbade Zhang Heng from bringing the kids back to his country and increased the time Zheng Shuang was allowed to spend with them; and that Zheng Heng was using public opinion to pressurize her, and to spread false rumors.

Netizens: Children Are the Victims

A social media status update by Zheng Shuang made known that as court proceedings were currently pending, parties involved were not allowed to make public any information related to the children – which Zhang Heng has already done. It also revealed that Zhang Heng’s former lawyer had withdrawn from the court for violating professional ethics; and accused Zhang Heng of “sinister” character in trying to get the children to turn against her.

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Meanwhile, Zheng Shuang’s father Zheng Chenghua (郑成华) posted a short text update on January 7th, in which he lambasted Zhang Heng’s video as utter lies, and expressed that he would use legal means to resolve the matter and let time prove everything.

Amid the messy, ugly scandal, most netizens have expressed sympathy for the children, whom are being used as tools in their parents’ court battle.

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